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About Us

At Al Zawya group, we specialize in providing a wide range of services for our clients in the UAE, starting from company establishment, residency, and visa services, to consultancy, marketing, and event management services. We pride ourselves on having an experienced and highly efficient team that ensures meeting our clients' needs professionally. We are committed to providing high-quality services at competitive prices, and we pay special attention to our VIP clients and businessmen to guarantee a distinctive experience. You can count on us for all your transactions as we are here to serve you 24/7 all week long

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the first and preferred choice for customers when it comes to providing services and solving problems efficiently and professionally. We seek to establish the company's image as a pioneer in its field with an excellent reputation among its clients and partners in the UAE.

Our Message

Our mission is to provide our clients with top-notch solutions and high-quality services at fair and competitive prices. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency and integrity.


Our main objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust by exceeding their expectations. We also seek to expand our market share while maintaining the quality of our services. Additionally, we aim to continuously develop our business by investing in modern technologies and training human resources.

Our Services



Customer journey

Learning about the services

The customer's journey with us starts by visiting our website or social media pages where they learn about all the services we offer.

Contact and inquiry

The customer can then contact us via phone or email, asking questions and clarifying their needs to understand the suitable service.

Submitting documents

After determining the service, the customer sends us the relevant documents to start working on their request.

Follow-up and execution

A specialized team works on the customer's request and completes the required task while communicating regularly with the customer for follow-ups and answering inquiries.

Delivery and evaluation

Finally, we deliver the service to the customer upon completion and collect their feedback on the service level to measure their satisfaction and improve it.

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